April 5, 2021

MKU courses: Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies and Criminology and Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation

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The Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University is a 4 year, full-time, on-campus program. It is one of the MKU courses supplied from the Department of Social Science’s Branch of Social and Development Studies. The program’s goal is to provide students with a wide and professional-level knowledge of community and society. It also looks at the connections between different social classes and the financial, cultural, and administration structures involved in community development. The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Development Studies is intended to prepare pupils for real-life situations. It teaches students to confront the issues that include studying sociology and growth research. The program aims to provide pupils with a large base of knowledge and skills that will let them manage current economic and social issues efficiently.

The initiative could take a holistic approach to electronic technology, homeland security, surveillance, political security, and intelligence gathering, along with other subjects. Cyber security specialists, intelligence officers, background researchers, and security specialists are among the places open to graduates of the Bachelor of Arts of Security Research and Criminology program. Some of the predicted results of taking this class are strong moral integrity, successful communication relations values, and effective trained teamwork. This class would inspire you to demonstrate your understanding of protection against a scientific, socioeconomic, political, military, and legal standpoint. You would think objectively, interpret formal intellect, and assess policies due to your analytical abilities. It’s possible to understand how to perform specialist security examinations in both the business and government sectors.

The Department of Social and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University offer a four-year, packed, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Community Development, it’s one of the MKU courses awarded from the Institute of Social Science, The curriculum is meant to provide students with technical, professional-level knowledge in Community Growth, The Bachelor of Arts in Community Development curriculum is designed to introduce students to several education, study, experience, talents, behaviours, and perspectives in real-world contexts, It helps students plan for difficulties in Development Studies, The program reflects on community growth’s financial, social, and political systems.

This course would train pupils to face problems in the world of public policy-making. The program is going to have a multidisciplinary method to examine core subjects such as integrity, direction, and strategy. Corporate Managers, Administrative Officers, Consultants, and Management Analysts are among the jobs available to Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance graduates. Taking this course’s predicted results are strong moral integrity, effective communication relations standards, and successful qualified coordination. This course will help you progress in your career by enhancing your leadership skills, computing skills, and ability to assess the country’s current political, societal, and economic conditions, among other aspects.