January 4, 2021

Best American Indian Influencer To Follow

By admin

Reading ancient novels can take you on a journey into the past events and bring back a lot that occurred previously. Books serve as a way to remind folks of their previous of where they come from, or important historical events. You can learn so much from historical books, poems and stories, or even pictures and videos. If you are searching for history books on Native American Indian, this article has it to you. Let us look into some of the best Native American Indian history books you may read. Let’s begin with 1491: New Revelation of America’s Ahead Columbus.

With that said, if you’re interested to find out about the American Indians, then here are a few of the best American Indian influencers you can check out. Let’s begin with Matika Wilbur & Project 562. Matika Wilbur out of Washington State is a member of the Tulalip and Swinomish tribes that belonged to some fishermen’s family. She’s famous because of her work in photography jobs that focuses on inspiring and providing knowledge about indigenous native youths. Her projects are mostly based on her life experiences. You can follow her to find out more about the American Indians.

Destruction of the Indies is based on the writer’s experience from when he first encountered the American Indian as he traveled to a Columbus voyage, The author was so bothered by what he witnessed that he chose to devote his life to fight for the Native American’s defense, This book will take you down a gloomy and horrible trip of rape, genocide, slavery, and torture experienced by the native people, It can be disturbing to read this book, but you will also have a great deal to learn.

You can follow their Instagram page that will nourish you with the latest information and issues regarding indigenous lifestyle. Juliana Brown Eyes is also another excellent American Indian influencer who’s well known for her powerful work through her voice, art, and photography. Her work is dedicated to letting the world know about the native youths and the neighborhood generally. Check out her work if you would like to learn more about this Native American. Her work serves as an inspiration and a fantastic resource for learning about the indigenous community.